Dog Sketches

Many of these drawings are of my black labrador, Brodie, who is now 16 years old and nearing the end of her life.

She is the perfect model, always here, and mostly sleeping!

I am drawn to the feel of her body, the weight and density of her. As she becomes older her body becomes lighter and less dense. Observing this frailty encourages me to draw with more sensitivity.

Duo dog  Charcoal 

Dog  Ink Wash

Brodie sleeping  Charcoal  

Brodie  Charcoal  

Brodie  Ink wash  

Dog in motion  Chinese ink wash  

Brodie  Charcoal  

Cloud Dog  Carcoal and Gouache paint  

Reclining dog  Chinese ink wash   

Brodie  Chinese ink wash  

Brodie  Chinese ink wash  

Brodie in Landscape  Chinese ink, watercolour and graphite 

Frail dog  Chinese ink wash