Prints and Paintings

Printmaking, and in particular lithography is a mechanical and chemical process which allows me to expand ideas in different ways from drawing directly onto paper.

I like mechanical processes and appreciate the ascetic and technical aspects of the printing presses. I can happily become involved in the technique and process of printmaking. It dilutes the emotional aspect of simply drawing, and is in some ways, less intense.

Magic can happen when something in the printing process goes ‘wrong’ but also right, the happy accidents.

Back to Back/Albuquerque Hummingbirds  Plate lithograph Unique Print  

Walking  work in progress, drawing onto lithographic stone waiting to be printed. (Lockdown Blues)

Cy Landscape  Plate lithograph with chine collé 1/5

Circle Series 1  Stone lithograph  Unique print  

Thread  Stone lithograph  Unique print  

Spine Series 2  Stone lithograh  Unique print   

Jug and Cup 2  Stone lithograph  Unique print  

After Hiroshige  Monoprint  

Marigold Cells  Oil Paint on wood with monoprint  

Waterfall  Monoprint  

Pink Moon  Monoprint collage  

Spine Series 1  Stone lithograph  1/4  

Jug and Cup  Stone lithograph  1/4  

Eclipse  Plate lithograph  1/2

Into the Blue  Plate Lithograph  1/4 

Blue Play  Monoprint