Sketches and Drawings

Drawing is a constant for me. It’s a process of visual thinking, in a way it is a bit similar to writing. Ideas and feelings can be expressed and played with through sketches and more indepth drawings.

I use many different materials, including charcoal, Chinese and acrylic inks and monoprinting, sometimes playing with collage too.

Wandering Moose  Drawing and monoprint 

Taurus Dream  Drawing and monoprint

Tree  Ink wash

Protected  Acrylic inks  

Grounding  Chinese ink, pen and watercolour  

Untitled  Pen and watercolour   

Untitled  Watercolour and pen  

Flood Water  Charcoal  

Guitar  Charcoal  

Feet and Earth  Charcoal  

Untitled  Ink and pen  

Untitled  Watercolour and pen